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The Helping Hands Agency is a contracted provider for the Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities. We provide programs and services for adults and children with developmental disabilities.


Cynthia Kokasko, Executive Director, is the founder of the Agency. In 1991, she began by providing Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) in her home. Cynthia soon realized the need for services in our area was so great that she would need to enlist some help. In May of 1995, she created The Helping Hands Agency, Inc. and it continues to grow and expand every year. At this time we provide services to individuals living in Page and the surrounding communities.

The Helping Hands Agency strives to support the individuals we serve and their families as they learn and grow in all aspects of life. We understand the challenges involved in caring for a loved one with a disability. Therefore we offer a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the person being served and their family.​



About Our Service Philosophy

Mission Statement

Self-responsibility and social responsibility are critical in helping us define who we are and where we fit into our social world. An important aspect of these responsibilities is the extent to which we feel in control and accountable for personal achievements or failures. People will not feel competent if they do not develop a sense of ownership for their actions and acquire the skills necessary to navigate in various social settings. The formation an integration of these responsibilities has been found to play an important role in the successful transition to adulthood.

Self-Responsibility and Social Responsibility are complex concepts that continue to develop over the life span. Helping Hands staff can foster the development of these concepts through age-appropriate programs that value the diversity and experience of life’s challenges and accomplishments. The opportunity for individuals to learn and practice self-responsibility and social responsibility is crucial for the development of positive and productive members of our community.



"Helping to build a stronger tomorrow, by strengthening and connecting people, ideas, and resources, for a stronger community."

What is The Helping Hands Agency?

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