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Adult Day Program

The Day Program is the central point of the Helping Hands Agency. It's where we all come together to connect, to have fun, to learn and grow. It is also a social setting where clients build relationships with each other and with the community while working toward their goals of becoming more independent.


We are also a big part of Page Community and enjoy enthusiastic support from the citizens of Page, its businesses, and even tourist. Many of our big events are open to the community and are held during the peak of the tourist season. One of our greatest goals and achievements is the level of community spirit we have facilitated between our clients and the City of Page, Arizona. Page may be a small town but it has big hearts and Helping Hands.

The Agency provides support to adults and children in day program and summer programs. This service is provided at the Agency’s day program. We help the individuals work on self- sufficiency skills, social skills, personal goals and objectives. The individuals spend time learning, experiencing, and enjoying every day through various social activities and community involvement.


The day program includes several different classes that are available to the clients on a daily basis these include: Art Program, Life Skills, Music and Movement, Culinary Arts and community outings and involvement. The Individual selects their classes on Friday for the following week, each person has a day timer/calendar to help manage their schedule. When it is time for classes to start they can choose to attend the class they signed up for or if there is room they can change and go to another class or they can choose to “hang out” in The Lounge, Spa Area or Snack n’Chat. The Agency has staff in all areas and encourages conversation, games, challenges or simply time to “chill”. To encourage responsibility and involvement the Agency offers 2 Incentive Programs:

  • Punch Pass Incentive Program – 1 point/punch for each class they attend that they signed up for and 1⁄2 point/punch for a class they attend regardless if they signed up for it. Once the Punch Pass is Full (20 punches) the value is $5 which can be spent at Snack n’Chat for items or food.

  • Token Program- If they actively participate in class they also get a token at the end of class which is valued at .25 cents and can be spent at Snack n’Chat for items or food. 

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