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Residential Support

The Agency provides support in two types of residential settings


A group home is a state-licensed home that provides around the clock support for 2-3 residents who share the home as housemates all housemates will have their own private room. Staff will assist the individuals with their day-to-day needs, which could include health care routines, menu and meal preparation, grocery shopping, community involvement and the daily upkeep and operation of a household. Each home’s activities are different and are supported by the resident’s choice, such as décor, dinner times, community activities, staffing for the home, etc. The Group Home is “their” home and accessible to them at all times, per each person’s plan keycodes/keys to the front door or other entrances are accessible and available as addressed in the plan, staff are there to help with safety and support as needed. Teams will discuss if additional accessibility is needed to support the individual in the home settings, such as handles on refrigerators, stoves or bathroom grab bars, shower chairs etc.


A peer home is a non-licensed home where the lease is in the individual’s name. Peer homes are for more independent individuals that still need some guidance and assistance with their daily tasks. Peer homes generally have 1-3 residents sharing expenses and staff who come into the home to assist as needed.


House Rules

The Agency will help the residents of the homes develop house rules for each home. These may be shared at Planning meetings or at any other time as requested. These rules will hopefully help the residents respect each other’s privacy and establish guidelines to help promote a positive living environment. 

Room and Board/Hygiene Supplies

The Agency will provide a healthy living arrangement that meets the physical and emotional needs of the client. We will ensure that residential responsibilities are explained to clients prior to service delivery. Client responsibilities shall be identified as applicable to the residential home setting.

The Agency will provide hygiene supplies to those individuals who receive room and board services from DDD. Those supplies will include: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion. If the client needs other items this will need to be addressed at the Support Teamings and the items budgeted in their spending plan. Any additional concerns regarding their provisions will also be addressed at the Teaming.

The Agency will supply the household supplies for the home, which may include but is not limited to: laundry soap, dish soap, cleaning agents, paper products, etc. If the client needs bedroom furnishings we will supply those items, including: bed, dresser, nightstand, linens, towels etc. The Agency also pays for rent, utilities, food and most repairs.


During the intake process, the Agency and responsible party will discuss other needs in this area and assign those as specified. The cost to the client for room and board will be discussed and will follow the current standards. The team will also discuss the choice of housemates currently and if changes need to be addressed in the future. Quarterly meetings or special meetings can address changes in housemates.

The agency will provide nutritiously balanced meals; the agency will encourage the participation of the residents with budgeting, menu planning, shopping, preparation and cleaning up. Menus are posted and planned for, however if changes in the menu are requested by the residents, staff can assist with this. Meals are offered at a variety of times, depending on the request of the residents, schedules of other activities. Many of the meals are eaten family style, however if residents choose to eat alone staff can assist. Access to food/snacks/drinks are available to all residents, some individual plans may discuss food around electronic devices, or homes may have house rules about food in certain areas such as bedrooms for a health, safety and sanitation.


To ensure a safe and protected environment, staff will check all exterior doors including the garage door to ensure they are locked. Staff will make sure client property is not left outside unprotected and items in the common living areas are protected from theft within the residence.



At the Agency the individuals will have drinking water available at all times throughout the day. Individuals will have a variety of different kinds of food and adequate amounts. The Agency will help to educate, plan for menus with the assistance or direction of the individual that meet the nutritional standards as set forth by the Health Department. Staff has been trained in how to handle food in a safe manner, which includes cooking and storing.

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